ISTA Conference 2023

We made the trip to the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) in Limerick on the 1st of April for the 2023 Irish Science Teachers Association (ISTA) conference. Teacher support and professional development is a large part of our long term plans for the CCI project. By encouraging, enabling and supporting teachers in their teaching of the chemistry of green energy, we are ensuring that our project will have a long term impact over many many years of students.

The CCI project had a promotional ad in the ISTA conference booklet and we had a stand in the main concourse where we talked about hydrogen fuel cells using our toy cars and we also handed out dozens of our “Green Energy Map of Ireland” posters. We hope these posters will stay on classroom and lab walls for many years, inspiring students as they learn.

It was great to see environmental advocate Duncan Stewart speaking at the conference, and it was also great to see so many battery electric cars charging outside. It really embodied the theme of the conference which was “sustainability”.

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