Workshop Booking

Workshops are funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and are run by trained researchers from the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the Faculty of Science at the Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Sligo. There is no cost to you thanks to the SFI funding and we will arrange the workshop around your timetable.

Submission of this form is not confirmation of a workshop booking. We will use your email and booking details to confirm all the necessary details before going ahead with the session. Once a date and time is confirmed we will arrange some PhD researchers to run your workshop. 

This workshop is best suited for 5th and 6th Year Leaving Cert (LC) Chemistry students but we can also run a simplified version with Transition Year (TY) students. The relevant topics covered are ions in solution, standards, calibration graphs, serial dilutions and battery electrolytes. This workshop is a great introduction to the difficult topic of electrochemistry by linking it with chemical analysis and other real-world topics that students are already familiar with. This workshop will provide real-world Irish examples, hands-on experience and a jumping off point for your lessons as well as tangible role-models for your students. 

Current Chemistry Investigators Workshop Format:

  • All equipment, glassware and solutions will be provided by our team. There is no need for you to prepare anything beforehand! We only ask that you provide a projector/screen.
  • We would prefer to run this in a lab but we can also run this in a classroom/other space if needed, so long as we have access to a water supply and sinks. 
  • There will be a mix of powerpoint slides, hands on experimentation, discussion and careers talks. 
  • There will also be an open forum discussion with the ambassadors and all questions are welcome!

We suggest that you choose a date and time that suits your school timetable. The length of the session will vary depending on the number of questions and level of discussion etc. These workshops can be adapted for a 1 hour timetable or an 80min “double class” as well. We are flexible and will always work around your schedule.  

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