Our First Public Engagement Event

Our first Current Chemistry Investigators (CCI) public engagement event took place at the Cork Carnival of Science 2022 and it was a huge success! The two day outdoor event was attended by about 25,000 people and the CCI team engaged with about 3000 people at our battery making tent!

We had queues of people lining up to make coin-cell batteries to light up an LED. All participants received a take-home pack with everything they needed to make their own LED torch from coins, cloth, saltwater electrolyte and aluminum.

Huge thanks to Science Foundation Ireland (SGI), Cork City Council and the Old Cork Waterworks for a hugely enjoyable weekend and for inviting us to be part of it! Well done to our Schools Coordinator Dr Natalia Garcia Domenech for running our tent and thank you to her enthusiastic team of researchers for their hard work; Áine, Nadia and Karlijn.

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