Second Pilot Workshop run in Sligo

After some adjustments based on feedback we got from our Trinity College Dublin (TCD) Chemistry PhD researchers during the first pilot workshop, we brought our new workshop to the North West of Ireland to gather further feedback from PhD’s in the Atlantic Technological University (ATU), Sligo.

This time we also tested out some of our evaluation processes as well as a more finalised version of the workshop for secondary schools. It was fantastic for the project team from both institutions to finally meet in-person at ATU Sligo.

Huge thanks to our ATU project partners for a wonderful day as well as the 8 PhD researchers who provided us with so much valuable feedback for the new workshop. Like the TCD PhD researchers, this also served as a training programme for the ATU Sligo PhD’s who are now ready to run these workshops in the North West of Ireland from September 2022 onwards!

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