Our First Classroom Resource:

Huge thank you to Inigo Iribarren for his fantastic work on this amazing new poster for Irish classrooms highlighting the ground breaking and historical contributions Ireland has made towards Green Energy over the past 100 years. It starts with the building of Ardnacrusha hydro power station in 1929, through to the hugely important pumped storage station at Turlough Hill and also includes more recent developments such as the hydrogen powered buses which are running in Dublin, and built in Co. Antrim. Printed versions of this poster are now being delivered to schools after each workshop we run, and we have A1 and A0 size versions available.

Public Engagement Worksheet:

Here you will find the worksheet for our Coin-Battery hands-on activity that we have being doing with everyone at our public engagement events. All the materials you need are easily and cheaply available to make your own battery to light up an LED.

Student engagement with informal science education outside of school during the COVID-19 pandemic in Ireland:

RSC Twitter Poster Competition, March 2022

This poster represents a pre-activity survey was sent to secondary school workshop participants one week before each workshop. The goal of this study was to establish their level of engagement with informal science education outside of their school during the COVID19 pandemic. This poster contains the findings and conclusions from this study.

Child Safeguarding Statement: